Annual Syrian Festival – Culture, Food, Music ,Art

Canada’s Largest Syrian Festival

Discover the music, the food, art and the culture of Syria with this amazing Syrian Festival in Mississauga!

 A Celebration of Syrian Culture

Whether you are a Syrian that has settled in Canada or a Canadian that is looking to discover everything that Syrian culture has to offer, the Syrian Festival Canada is for you!

We bring all the incredible elements of Syria together in one festival, so guests are able to enjoy everything that makes Syria special.

Following the success of the 2018 Syrian Festival Canada, we invite you to join us on DATE at Mississauga’s LOCATION for our amazing festival.

Music. Art. Dance. Food.

Syrian Culture.


We bring everything that you love about Syria together in one outdoor festival that you will remember for a lifetime.

Create new memories. Meet new friends. Experience the real Syria.

The 2019 edition of the Syrian Festival Canada promises to offer the artistry, traditional dancing and inspiring music that captivates the culture.

Helping Canadians Discover Syria

Our festival is open to all community members in the GTA so that you can gain a true understanding of Syrian history, culture, and traditions.

From the delicious food to the stunning arts and everything else that makes Syria special, we invite members from across the city to enjoy a fun-filled day and build new connections with the Syrian Canadian community.

Become a Vendor at the Syrian Festival Canada

If you would like to offer food, traditional goods, your artistic services of anything else, please contact us today to become a part of the festival.

Get in Touch with Syrian Festival Canada

If you would like to volunteer, perform, have media inquiries and more, please contact us today to discover how you can join the festival.

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