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Canada’s Resource for the Syrian Community

The Syrian Community Centre is dedicated to easing the settlement transition for Syrian newcomers to Canada through a wide range of programs, services, and resources.

Assisting Syrians in All Elements of Life

The Syrian Community Centre (SCC) was established to work with Syrians who have settled in Canada to welcome, educate and empower them on their new adventure.

We provide a variety of integration and support programs that allow them to receive more opportunities, connect with the community and know that they have the support needed to flourish within Canada!

What the SCC Offers Syrians

We have developed many programs that lay the foundation for a successful settlement and long-term growth within Canada.

Job Support Services

The SCC has developed several platforms and programs that aim to find quality jobs for Syrians immediately upon settling, based on their personal skills and work history.

Settlement Information Resources

From information sessions to educational resources on everything they need to know about living in Canada, we have built a strong network through the help of volunteers, our management and the Syrian community in Canada.

Budgeting, banking, family reunification, rights and responsibilities as new Canadians are just some of the topics our workshops touch on.

Social Services Assistance

When many Syrian families arrive in Canada, they require help in applying for housing assistance, health cards, driver’s licenses, child benefits and a wide range of other amazing programs that Canada offers.

Specialized Settlement Support

Our strong support system ensures the Syrian community members understand they always have somewhere to turn, no matter the situation.

We offer one-on-one assistance, workshops and seminars for everything ranging from domestic violence and drug addiction to immigration advice to pre-employment counselling.

Bringing the Canadian Syrian Community Together

Most importantly, we have established a tight-knit community of newly-settled Syrians in Canada. From cultural heritage events to holiday celebrations, we bring Syrians across the country together to enjoy, support and love each other.

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