Syrian Community Centre (SCC)

Non-profit. Non-political. Non-sectarian.

We are an inclusive organization that works with immigrants, refugees, and newcomers of all cultures, religions, and ethnicities to build a better life in Canada. Established in 2016, the Syrian Community Centre is the agency that works to develop resources, relationships, and events that promote a healthy transition into Canadian life!

Serving Syrians and Non-Syrians Alike

While the Syrian Community Centre aims to unite newcomers from Syrian within Canada, we are determined to provide the settlement resources and social support to ease the living transition for all those who have arrived in Canada.

Our goal to ensure that those settling in Canada have access to everything the need for a smooth transition into Canadian living, laying the foundation for a successful life in their new country.

Through education, social services, cultural events and more, we continue to build our life-changing network of volunteers, community members and more, all working together to help newcomers create the best life possible within Canada.

Bridging the Gap Between Newcomers and Their Local Community

One of our most important initiatives is to help Syrian and other newcomers integrate into Canadian life. Not only we provide them with employment, education and social services, but we also help build connections with their local community.

By creating cultural heritage events that expose established Canadians to Syrian culture and allow them to understand the history of immigrants and refugees, our goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere where new relationships can thrive.

is a not-for-profit organization and is non-political and non-sectarian. The SCC is proud to be a focal point for all Syrian and non-Syrian communities in Ontario in which they can find an outlet for settlement and social services inquiries. We serve Immigrants, Newcomers, and refugees of all cultures, religions, and ethnicities.

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