Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We strive for an equitable, inclusive and welcoming environment that engages Syrian newcomers to Canada, then provides them with all the resources needed for a comfortable integration into their new home.

Our Mission

To help Syrian newcomers to Canada build successful lives, while establishing an empowered Syrian community nationwide that provides support for Syrian Canadians through volunteering, community events and educational information.

Our Values

Community – we believe in building a strong, close community that will support every new member upon their arrival to Canada.

Support – Our informational resources, workshops, and celebrations offer the educational, personal and cultural support needed to a healthy transition to Canadian life.

Giving Back – Founded by Syrian newcomers, we are dedicated to teaching our members the importance of giving back to help others, just as they have been helped.

Inclusiveness – The SCC extends beyond the Syrian community. We aim to build bridges with the Canadian communities and develop positive relationships while exposing them to Syrian culture and integrating our members to Canadian culture.

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